AMOF Fjell

Amof-Fjell supplies complete processing plants for the production of fish meal, fish oil and protein concentrate (hydrolysis), as well as processing plants for sludge treatment and treatment of waste liquid / water. Amof-Fjell performs: concept studies, design and design, procurement, installation, supervision and commissioning / start-up of process plants.

Franzefoss Minerals

Franzefoss Minerals is the leading limestone mining company in Norway with a strong focus on the environment. Through the sustainable use of our limestone and dolomite deposits, we supply society with quality products tailored to the task at hand, delivered to where they will be used.

Cevia Solutions

Delivers various remuneration systems and dry solutions with a focus on low energy consumption and sustainability

Thermtech AS

Thermtech is a Norwegian technology company with head office in Bergen, Norway. In 2004 Thermtech defined its ambition of creating the global technology standard for the treatment of oily waste, with the aim of contributing to a cleaner world. Since then the number of TCC®’s in the world has grown steadily.

Vågen AS

Vågen AS provides solutions for efficient and rational mass handling. In addition to traditional transport screws, we design and deliver equipment for pressing / dewatering, cleaning, mixing, dosing etc.